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Parafo Gamma - High Temperature Applications

 Parafos® Gamma is specially formulated for use in high temperature water treatment applications. Parafos® Gamma treats and controls scale deposits in potable water systems where temperatures exceed 160ºF. Parafos® Gamma is designed for extreme water quality and high hardness conditions. Parafos® Gamma also provides corrosion control by forming a monomolecular protective film on waterside surfaces.

Direct Contact Water Heaters and steam-to-water Heat Exchangers are ideal applications for Parafos® Gamma.

Parafos® Gamma ensures that scale buildup in the packing area of Direct Fire Water Heaters is reduced or eliminated. Proper water flow through the packing rings ensures that efficient heat exchange is maintained. Expensive and hazardous cleaning is reduced or eliminated. Packing ring replacement is avoided and maintenance and downtime is greatly reduced.

Parafos® Gamma helps keep the waterside of steam-to-water Heat Exchanges scale free, ensuring continued efficiency while reducing maintenance and downtime. Parafos® Gamma is proven effective at temperatures exceeding 230ºF.

Maintaining clean heat exchange surfaces saves energy and minimizes cleaning requirements.
Parafos® Gamma is an Eco-Friendly product that saves you money!
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