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Parafos® is a multipurpose water treatment product line designed to alleviate the problems of hard water scale, corrosion and staining.
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Keytech offers a full range of services including complete water analysis, full system surveys and site specific recommendations, designs, and solutions. .:: more ::.
Keytech's Parados Feed Systems ensure an accurate and reliable feed of Parafos® in direct proportion to water flow proven effective over many years. .:: more ::.
Keytech Water Management is proud to be celebrating our 40th year in business. Keytech offers our customers "The Very Best in Water Treatment". .:: more ::.
Keytech's Parafos® family of products has helped our customers treat, control and protect their water systems for over 30 years! Parafos® is designed to protect your water systems from the effects of hard water scale, corrosion and staining. Parafos® helps reduce your capital and maintenance costs while helping you save water, energy and money.

Parafos® is an eco-friendly product!
Parafos® - safe and proven effective!
Parafos® is NSF Tested and Certified for use in drinking water!
Parafos® - a clean water product from Keytech!
Keytech Water Management specializes in all areas of water treatment. Keytech offers a full range of water treatment chemical products including our specialized Parafos® product line. Our goal is to provide our customers with the "very best" by helping solve their water treatment challenges with unique, cost effective and proven products and services!

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